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In the north eastern United States, the Rhode Island is a beautiful state in the New England region. It is the eighth least populous state. Out of the 50 United States, this state is being considered as the second most densely populated state. Coming to the area, it is being considered as the smallest. Every year, thousands of visitors visit this place in order to seek the beauty of this wonderful state.

Rhode Island on USA Map

At the west, Rhode Island is being bordered by the Connecticut. At the north and the east side, this state is being bordered by the state Massachusetts. And at the south it is being bordered by the Atlantic Ocean via the Rhode Island sound and the Black Island Sound.

With New York, this state also shares a small maritime border. In Rhode Island, the most populous state and also the capital of this state is the Providence. “The Ocean State” is the official nickname of this state, the Rhode Island. This is because a percentage of about 14 is being covered by the large bays and inlets.

The Rhode Island has been originated from the originator of the four colonial settlements. In the colonial times, the Newport and the Portsmouth settlements were usually situated on what we know as the Aquidneck Island.

Map of Rhode Island

About an area of 1214 square miles which is approximately around 3144 square kilometres is being covered by this state. Out of the whole area, the part of land being covered is 1045 square miles which is about 2707 square kilometres.

Jerimoth Hill is known to be the highest natural point of this state which is about 812 feet that is 247 metres above the sea level. Rhode Island has a mean elevation of about 200 feet which is approximately 61 metres.

Eastern Rhode Island and the Western Rhode Island are the two natural distinct regions of this state. The lowland of the Narragansett Bay is being included in the Eastern Rhode Island while the New England Upland is being included in the Western Rhode Island.

A significant feature of the state’s topography is the Narragansett Bay. Within this bay, there are almost 30 islands. Aquidneck Island is said to be the largest island among all which is being shared by the municipalities of Newport, Middletown and also Portsmouth. Conanicut Island is said to be the second largest island after the Aquidneck Island. Coming to Prudence Island, this is known as the third largest Island.

In Rhode Island, Cumberlandite which is a very rare type of rock is being found in the town of Cumberland and is also considered as the state rock too. In Rhode Island, there are a huge number of places to visit and almost there are more than 20 colleges and universities present over there.

The few famous places which are worthy visiting are: New Port Cliff walk, Roger Williams Park, International Tennis Hall of Fame, The Rough Point, The breakers, Rhode Island School for design museum, the marble house, Touro Synagogue, The Elms, Blithe wold Mansion, Gardens and Arboretum, Rose cliff, Fort Adams, Green animals topiary garden, Mohegan bluffs, rhode island state house, john brown house, block highland southeast light, National museum of American illustration, slater mill historic site, redwood library and athenaeum, ocean drive historic district, prudence island.

Also places worth visiting are chateau –sur-mer, Bellevue avenue historic district, frosty dew observatory, misquamicut state beach, beech wood, Watson farm, norman bird sanctuary, beavertail lighthouse, Herreshoff marine museum, rose island light, providence athenaeum, gilbert stuart birthplace, kingscote, Fort adams state park, flying horse carousel, museum of Newport history, castle hill light, smith’s castle, naval war college museum, Newport historical society, Hunter house, Newport art museum, block island north light, rose island, point Judith light and roger Williams national memorial. Another attraction of this state are its beaches.

Cities in Rhode Island

In Rhode Island, there are a lot of cites which are definitely worth visiting. Tourists must visit these beautiful and wonderful cities. In the road map, each and every detail of all roads and highways are given in details with proper description.

All cities of rhode island are given In details as shown below:

Map of Providence

In the U.S state of Rhode Island, Providence is one of the most populous city and also it is the state capital. This city is considered as one of the oldest cities of the United States and it has been founded in the year 1636 by Roger Williams. Roger Williams was a religious exile who was from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. This city has been named as the “God’s Merciful Providence” by Roger Williams himself.

At the head of the Narragansett Bay and at the mouth of the providence river, this city is being located. Coming to the textile manufacturing, machine tool, jewellery, and silverware industries, this city has been the first city to be noted and to initialize in this field. There are a lot of schools, universities and colleges present in this state which has made it an economy of service industries. There are almost seven institutions which mainly focus on higher education and also there are eight hospitals present in the city providence.

A population of about 179,154 is being handled by the city. The area of the city providence is about 20.5 square miles which is approximately 53 square kilometres. The portion of land is about 48 square kilometres which is about 18.5 square miles while the portion consisting of water is about 5.4 square kilometres which is about 2.1 square miles.

Like Rome, this city is said to have been founded on the seven hills. The constitution hill, college hill, federal hill, Tockwotten hill, Christian hill and weybosset hill are the different hills. There are 25 official neighbourhoods of this city providence. Providence actually has a very nice type of climate being very warm during the summers and very cold during the winters. Coming to the estimation of the year 2000, the population was about 173,618 people.


Map of Warwick

In the United States, in Rhode Island, Warwick is a city being located in the Kent County. It is also considered as the second largest city. Coming to the population of this city, according to the estimation of the year 2010, it has a population of about 82,672.

In the year 1642, this city has been founded by the famous Samuel Gorton. In the American history he has observed a lot of actions and events.  T.F.Green Airport is the main airport of Rhode Island which is being located in the city of Warwick. Twelve miles from the south of downtown providence, the Warwick and the T.F. Green airport is being located. Around 63 miles to the south west of Boston it is being located and at the northeast it is being located 174 miles from the city of New York.

Being a part of the providence metropolitan area, this city has a population of about 1,600,852 according to the estimation of the year 2010. Now, according to the estimation in the year 2000, there were people of about 85,808 in number, households of about 35,517 and families of about 22,979 which were living in that city at that particular time.

Coming to the population density of the city, it was about 2417.2 Square per kilometre. There are about 95.21 Percentage of white people living in that city. A percentage of about 1.16 of the African Americans does live in that city. A percentage of about 0.25 of Native Americans do live in that particular city.

Also1.49 % Asian, a percentage of 0.02 of pacific islanders, a percentage of about 0.59 from other races and lastly a percentage of about 0.28 from two or more such races also does live in this city of Wardwick. An average of about $46,483 was the mean income of households residing in that city. $56,225 was the mean income for families living in that city.

Map of Cranston

In the United States, Cranston is said to be the third largest city in the state of Rhode Island. The population of this city is about 80,566. Coming to the population density of the city, it is about 77.4 square kilometres. This city was once known as “Pawtuxet”. A huge number of lakes and rivers and bays are present in this beautiful city which is worth visiting by any visitors.

Cranston is considered as the centre of the state, Rhode Island and is also a subpart pf the providence metropolitan area. From the Pawtuxet River, the city of Cranston is about 1754 miles away. The portion of land of which the city is included is about 74 square kilometres while the portion of water includes about 3.6 square kilometres.

Various neighbourhoods and some villages of this city Cranston are: Alpine estates, apple hill estates, Arlington, Bellefonte, Castleton estates, auburn, dean estates, Eden Park, Edgewood, Fiskeville, forest hills, friendly community, Garden city, garden hills, Glen woods, hillside farms, laurel hills, Howard, Jackson, Knightsville, Meshanticut, Oakhill terrace, Oaklawn, orchard valley estates, Pontiac, Stadium, thornton, Pawtuxet village, webster, westend, woodridge and lastly the western hill village.

There are also various schools present in this city of Cranston. Some of them are: Cranston high school east, Cranston high school west, western hills middle school, park view middle school, hope highlands middle school and Hugh B. Bain middle school.

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