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In the United States, this state is being situated in the north western region of the state. It has got various nicknames among which the big sky country and the treasure state are the ones which are famous. Coming to the rank given o it on the basis of area, it is being ranked as the 4th one which is largest in terms of area. Coming to the popularity, it is being considered as the least populous state and is being marked as the 7th one too.

Montana in USA Map

Throughout the whole state, there are small ranges of mountains all over. There are a huge number of activities which does happen in this state. Some of the activities include: agriculture, ranching, cereal grain farming, oil mining, gas mining, hard rock mining, coal mining, lumber, health care, service sector, government sector and tourism which is being considered as one of the fastest growing sector. A lot of tourist places are there which are: the glacier national park, the little big horn battle field national monument and the yellow stone national park.

The word Montana is being derived from the Latin word which does mean mountains. It is also being known as the mountainous country. At the east it is being bordered by the north Dakota and the south Dakota. At the south, the state is being bordered by the Wyoming. At the west side and the south west side, it is being bordered by Idaho. Finally at the north, it is being bordered by the british Columbia, alberta and Saskatchewan, these three being the most important three provinces of Canada. The area of this state is about 147,040 square miles which is around 380,800 square kilometres. As compared to Japan, this state is larger. After the larger states, Alaska, texas and California, this state is the next one in terms of large.

There are a huge number of rivers and lakes which are being located in this beautiful state. The pacific ocean, the gulf of Mexico and the Hudson bay are the ones to which the rivers of this state does feed into. With the help or the confluence of the Jefferson rivers, the Madison rivers and the Gallatin rivers, the river Missouri is being formed. The smith, the milk, the marias, the Judith and the mussel shell rivers are the few major tributaries of the river Missouri.

Map of Montana

The lodge pole pine, the ponderosa pine, the douglas fir, the larch, spruce, aspen, birch, red cedar, hemlock, ash, alder, rocky mountain maple and the trees of cotton wood are some of the few vegetation of the state. Almost about 25 percentage of the whole state is being covered with forest and is a home for many vegetation and species who resides in such forests. In this state, mushrooms and lichens are also found at a very wide rate. There are around 5 endangered species which are being found here in its forests. The names of some of them are: the black footed ferret, the whooping crane, the latest tern, the pallid sturgeon, the whiote sturgeon and many such species which are being threatened which does include the gizzly bear, the Canadian lynx and the bull trout. Also many more species does inhabit here in these forests such as the ring-neck pheasant, the grey partridge, the elk, the pronghorn antelope, the mule deer, the white tail deer, the gray wolf and the big horn sheep.

There is national park service which does manage a lot of areas which includes the big hole national battle field near wisdom, the big horn canyon national recreation area near fort smith, the glacier national park, the grant kohrs ranch national historic site at deer lodge, the lewis and clark national historic trail, the little big horn battle field national monument near the crow agency, the nez perce national historic park and the yellow stone national park. According to the estimation of the year 2010 and according to the census bureau of the United States, the population of this huge state is around 1,032,949 on the july 1st in the year of 2015.

The white people consist of about 89.4 % of the total population of the state according to the estimation in the year 2010. The native people consist of about 6.3 % of the total population of the state according to the estimations of the year 2010. The Asian people according to the estimations of the year 2010 consist of about 0.6 % of the total population of the state. The black consist of about 0.4 % of the total population of the state. The native Hawaiian and other such pacific islanders consist of about 0.1 % of the total population of the state according to the estimations of the year 2010. 0.6 % of the people comprises of other races of the whole population. Two or more other such races consist of about 2.5 % of the total population of the state according to all the estimations done in the year 2010. The language which is being spoken here in this state is the English language. At home rather than English the language which is being spoken is the Spanish language.

This state is also home for a huge number of colleges and universities. Names of such are: the dawson community college, the flathead valley community college, the miles community college, the montana state university, the great falls college montana state university, the Missoula college university, the montana tech of the university of montana, the highlands college of montana tech, the university of montana western, the Helena college university of montana, the bitter root college university of montana, carroll college, the rocky mountain college, the university of great falls, the Apollos university, the stone child college, the little big horn college, the fort peck community college, the salish kootenai college, the black feet community college, the aaniiih nakoda college and the chief dull knife college.

Montana Road Map

Since the year 1880, the major transportation of this state has been the railway system. Coming to the largest rail road of the state, it is the BNSF railway system. In the state of Montana, the airport which is actually the busiest is the Bozeman yellow stone international airport. There are also a multiple and huge and different numbers of airports which are: the billings logan international airport, the Missoula international airport, the great falls international airport, the glacier park international airport, the Helena regional airport, the bert mooney airport and lastly but not the least, the yellow stone airport of the state Montana. There are also a number of highways. Some of them includes the interstate 15, the U.S routes 87,The U.S routes 89, the U.S routes 93 and the U.S routes 191.

Map of Montana Cities       

The various types and kinds of cities of this state Montana are being described below with all marked highways, colleges, universities, rivers, lakes, mountains and many such more.

Below are the names and descriptions of the cities with its population, area and other specific details.

Map of Billings     

This city is actually situated beside the river which is named as the yellow stone and is also located in the southern part of the state Montana. If one sees by population, this city is said to be the largest and it has 109,059 numbers in its population. Coming to the area this state Montana has an area of about 107.7 square kilometres. A lot of beautiful places are present over here such as the moss mansion, the pictograph cave, the western heritage center, the zoo montana, the yellow stone art museum and the lake elmo state park.

Map of Missoula

The population of this state Missoula is around 69,122 in numbers. The area it occupies, this state occupies is about 61.9 square kilometres. Coming to the various destinations of this place, there are: montana snow bowl, the art museum which is very famous of Missoula, This place is very beautiful which actually looks like heaven. Reports have said form people’s sayings as such. The place of water which is frozen is the actual meaning of the word Missoula.

Map of Great Falls

This city is being considered as a very peaceful city which does have a huge number of lakes. Exciting points which it does occupy are: the university of the great falls, the great falls college montana state university, the C.M Russell museum complex, the great falls central high school, the ryan dam, the children’s museum of Montana, the rainbow falls, the history museum, the giant springs park and many other such places which are quite interesting and exciting for any tourists.

Map of Bozeman

In the state Montana, this city is said to be located in the south western part of the state. 39,860 numbers is the actual population of this city of the Montana state of the United States. Coming to the weather of this city, it is quite pleasant and is very comforting according to the people who do stay over there. Beautiful and interesting places are there which are: the big sky resort, the museum of the rockies, the bridger bowl sky area, the American computer and robotics museum, the moon light basin, the bobcat stadium, the Worthing area, the Bozeman pass, the Bozeman trail, the montena arboretum and gardens and the Firehole ranch.  This city is also known as the capital of the state of the united States.

Map of Helena

29,596 in numbers is the real population of this entire city of the Montana state of the United States. Various number of places which are a worth visit in this tempting state are: the montana state capitol, the cathedral of saint Helena and the spring meadow lake state park. In order to navigate from one place to another in this city, one can take the help of the map of Helena in order to reach out to all its peaceful destinations.

Map of Kalispell

Coming to the huge population this state exhibits, it is around 20,972 in numbers and the area which the state occupies is around 30.38 square kilometres. Coming to the most famous college of this state, it is the flat head valley community college. The Conrad mansion and the central school museum are the two historical places which is a home for such.

Map of Havre

Le havre in france is said to be of the name of this wonderful and pleasant city of the Montana state of the United States. The winter season over that city is almost dry as per the records while the summer season has nights which are cool as per all the estimations and records being observed. Coming to the number of people residing over that place is approx. 9,771 in numbers. The area which the city of this state of the United States occupies is around 8.5 square kilometres. The montana state university is being located in the northern part of the city which is actually very famous over there in the Montana state of the United States.

Map of Anaconda

In this city anaconda, the very worthy points which are also quite interesting and exciting are: the washoe theatre, the discovery ski area and the lost creek state park of the state Montana of the famous United States. Basically coming to the number of people staying in this city is around 9,329 in lesser numbers. The area of this extraordinary beautiful city is around 1908 square kilometres. This place is being considered as one of the most beautiful and peaceful and comfortable places with beautiful weather and beautiful and good people all around .

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