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The USA Map – What do you think about US Map and it is important for you? Exactly right. You need a US Map for your daily activities. You need a US map in case you are going to somewhere and you don’t know how to reach that place. For that kind of problems you need interactive USA map . It is not only Road map it have all Free maps like, cellular map US, Temperature map US, River map Us etc. This is the best site for you to see all kind of US maps.

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United States Map

Alaska Map

 Washington Map

USA Map | Map of USA

Sweeping all the way across the continent of North America, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, the United States is the third largest country in the world, including the non-contiguous states of Alaska and Hawaii. The United States borders Mexico on the south and Canada to the north, and the states on the south-east coast touch the Gulf of Mexico. The United States map shows the US bordering the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans, as well as the Gulf of Mexico. the map of the usa or Map of USA shows the major rivers and lakes of the US, including the Great Lakes that it shares with Canada. Use this USA map to see, learn, and explore the US. The map of the US shows states, capitals, major cities, rivers, lakes and oceans.

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Map of US – A nation established on democratic ideals, cultural plurality and multiculturalism, the USA is often viewed as an icon of the developed world. Situated in North America, the US is home to many top ranked metropolitan cities that are known for their infrastructure, civic amenities and technology. The above USA world map shows each of the fifty states, their capitals, the oceans around the country, and the largest lakes in the United States. interactive map of USA also shows the major cities around the country, like New York City, Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Minneapolis, Miami, Las Vegas, Nashville, and Pennsylvania. These cities are examples of the diverse cultures around the US and within the major metropolitan areas.

Map of USA | US Map Template

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USA, located in the northern part of the American continent, consists of 50 states and a federal district. This USA Cities map endeavors to show all the major cities of all these 50 states of United States along with their capitals. Apart from showing the states, its capitals and its important cities, the USA map showing states also indicates the countries boundaries and its neighboring countries. This USA cities map can be of great help for general and the tourist population. The entire USA cities America can be divided into northeast, west, south, mid west, southwest and central zones. Chicago – the Windy city famous for its architectural splendor, Las Vegas – the sin city famous for night life and gambling, New York City – the capital of the world, and Washington DC – The Country’s capital are some of the most famous cities of the USA map by states. New York city, New York with a population of above 8 million is the most populated city of the country, with Los Angeles, California and Chicago, Illinois ranking at second and third respectively. Palm Bay, Florida with a population of around 100,000 is the least populated city – Map USA.

In addition to this map of states and cities in the United States, laminated maps of the United States, US wall maps, and US territory maps are available on this site.

US Road Map | Map of USA Road

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Our US Road maps are beautiful, colorful, and legible.  Features include shading to highlight urban areas and national parks and forests, and shields to indicate trip-of-a-lifetime roads, like Historic Route 66.  Our interstate exit numbers pop out in green, our points-of-interest labels pack a punch in red and our bingo keys are large and easy to spot in blue and white. Each state/provincial map has handy insets of metropolitan areas; regional mileage charts and local demographics, tourism contacts, and road condition hotlines.  Elsewhere, country overview maps, town indexes, and mileage and driving-times maps and charts give you the big picture at a glance – USA Road Map. The US Road Map shows national capital, state capitals and highway numbers along with extensive road and highway networks. The States in USA Map essentially combines two extensive road and highway networks of US, namely the Federal Interstate Highway and the regional US Highway Map. These two main road-highway networks are central to the overall American surface transportation network, which, however, also includes two other road-highway systems, namely the State Highways and the County Highways.

Free USA road Map – However, the differences in the four levels in the entire US road-highway transportation network are more on administrative and operational lines than functional. For instance, some roads or highway in the State Highway network may be so heavily traveled that they match the Federal Interstate Expressways in their standards of quality and maintenance. Free Road map of USA sketches the Interstate System, the backbone of the American road and highway network. Interstate System is also known as the Dwight D. Eisenhower System of Interstate and Defense Highways. The Interstate System of US is funded and administered by the US Federal Government but largely maintained by the individual states where they are located or pass through. These Expressways form a 45,000 mile long network that serves as the lifeline of the nation and connects nine in every ten US cities with a population of 50,000 or more.

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Road Map of USA – In upper section you have studied about detailed map of the USA First started in the 1950s, these highways are built to meet the highest standards of quality and maintenance in order to facilitate ease, safety, speed and efficiency of travel for millions of daily automobile commuters and freight transport traffic. In fact, the Interstate System carries about one-fifth of the whole automobile traffic in the United States of America. The free USA road map/ US road atlas available in this page provides detailed information on all these. The older US Highways, which are more regional networks, however, do not receive any Federal funding and are built, operated and maintained completely by the states. Some roads and highways in these networks have fallen into disuse and some have even been decommissioned in the face of the increasing utility of the faster and freer Expressways of the Interstate System. Map of the USA – On the other hand, the State Highway systems within individual States in some areas include heavily traveled roads and highways that conform to standards matching those of the Interstate System. While the Interstate System has facilitated easy and faster travel across the length and breath of America, the real romance of the American landscape could perhaps only be experienced by traveling on the smaller county roads that passes through the rural parts of America. A county road map of the USA carries details of roads in various counties.

US River Map | River Map of USA

USA River Map – The United States of America has over 250,000 rivers, with a total of about 3,500,000 miles of rivers. The longest river in the USA is the Missouri River (it is a tributary of the Mississippi River and is 2,540 miles long), but the biggest in terms of water volume is the deeper Mississippi River. The longest undammed river in the contiguous USA is the Yellowstone River (it is 692 miles long). Rivers provide drinking water, irrigation water, transportation, electrical power, drainage, food, and recreation. Rivers also erode land and carry it downstream to the sea. This kind of erosion can even form canyons, like the Grand Canyon, and waterfalls, like Niagara Falls.

US Map, United States Map, USA River Map, Map of USA, US Cellular Map, USA Temperature Map, Map of United States

River Map USA – A recent report by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency concluded that 55 percent of U.S. rivers and streams are in poor condition. Most of us don’t go to that many different rivers in our lives, so when we see a number like that we might not realize just how many rivers and streams there are in the United States. While some of the USA rivers and lakes serve as vital waterways for inland navigation others are useful sources of irrigation and power generation. For certain cities like New Orleans, river basins usher in growth and prosperity for the city and its people. The whole drainage topography of the USA may be divided into two main subsystems, namely the Eastern systems and the Pacific systems.

River Map of US – Of the several prominent rivers featured in the USA river map, the major rivers of USA are:

  • Colorado river
  • Salmon River
  • Arkansas River
  • Gila River
  • Red River
  • Tennessee River
  • Minnesota River
  • Snake River

Lakes of USA | US Lakes

Besides the USA rivers, the USA river map also shows the various lakes, streams and other water bodies in the USA. The lake system of the US comprises Great Lakes of Lake Superior, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Ontario and Lake Michigan, the first four of which are shared with Canada- Lakes of USA. The Great Lakes of the US constitute the largest group of fresh water lakes in the world. Located in east-central North America, the Great Lakes form the largest group of fresh water lakes in the world covering a total area of 244,106 square km. Of the five Great Lakes, only Lake Michigan falls entirely within the territory of the United States with the remaining four being shared with Canada. Apart from being the site for large population concentrations and industrial activities, the Great Lakes also handle the highest volume of fresh water shipping tonnage in the world – Map United States.

The other major lakes shown in the USA river map are:

  • Eagle lake
  • Goose lake
  • Pyramid lake
  • Walker lake
  • Lake Mead
  • Norfolk Lake
  • Roosevelt lake

Cellular Coverage Map of USA | Mobile Coverage Map USA

USA Cellular Coverage Map – in upper part you have studied abour the the map of the USA Broadcasting companies will takes most important role in mobile and telephone connections. This special Cellular Coverage Map will gives you the details of telephone and mobile networking connections details. It will show you the details regional and individual state wise. We have to know and check that the ability of a mobile phone or landline to connect to a base station depends on the strength of the signal.  Now a day’s mobile phones are widely using all over the world. Landlines are very limited in numbers and using. The following information will gives you the wonderful information about mobile towering.

US Cellular Map, mobile cellular map of usa, cellular map of usa

Download speed for T-Mobile

Map of the United States – The recent download speed performance of T-Mobile. This includes data from all network types; 2G, 3G, and 4G. Networks which roll out 4G LTE networks should see a strong rise in download speeds, as should networks which upgrade their 3G networks to HSPA+. This is the most important, so listen up. The fanciest phone on the market won’t get you anywhere if you can’t get data or voice service. Ask your friends, colleagues and neighbors how good their reception and signal strength are where you work and live – US Mobile Coverage Map.

Network strength is so incredibly variable, and can change by time of day, weather and even where you are inside or outside a building. It changes, too, since carriers upgrade their networks or adjust their towers all the time. Because of that, we can’t recommend a single carrier that’s guaranteed to work for you, but a lot of people turn to private companies, which is an independents companies that routinely tests network strength across the US – USA Mobile Coverage Map.

Verizon is best at the state level Providing wireless coverage in dense cities while avoiding network congestion is one challenge; supplying a wireless signal across miles of empty prairie is quite another. Verizon won 38 states outright, tying in 10 others. If you subdivide those states by network reliability and speed; data, text, and call performance; and an overall ranking; Verizon won 257 out of those 300 categories.

T-Mobile’s strengths are in metro areas No real secret here, if you’re a T-Mobile subscriber. T-Mobile’s service works fairly reliably in metro areas, and the company even topped one state ranking (Rhode Island) in terms of data speed. (T-Mobile also demonstrated the fastest median upload speed from any network.) But T-Mobile is converting its 3G antennas to LTE technology, and the transition may have hurt T-Mobile in overall testing, RootMetrics speculated. T-Mobile slipped from third to fourth because of call performance.

US Cellular Map, mobile cellular map of usa, cellular map of usa

“Now that T-Mobile has firmly established its LTE rollout at the metro level, we anticipate that improved performance could start to push out beyond the urban areas and transitory reliability issues related to the upgrade process could also improve,” RootMetrics wrote. Overall, however, Verizon was still the best overall carrier in 113 of the 125 metro markets that RootMetrics tested. AT&T was second, with 51 – Map of US States.

The 4G LTE Network

4G stands for Fourth Generation mobile telecommunication technology and, as you may well know already is the faster, newest kid on the block and successor to the popular 3G network. The 4G LTE system represents a breakthrough in relay technology. Relaying aims to improve signal and coverage to an area, and in doing so, to the end user. Although the notion of relaying signal is not an altogether new idea in itself, 4G LTE implements a system of smaller sub-relay points known as nodes that boost its capabilities to new found heights – US Map with States.

4G LTE relaying is based upon a principal of collaboration between communication points; a relay station sends out information that is then resent by local eNode-B or base stations, creating a larger, more even field of coverage. This process can then efficiently and effectively expand signal and service coverage to improve the performance of wireless communication systems in areas of low coverage or even in areas that previously had no coverage at all – America Map with States.

US Temperature Map | USA Temperature Map

USA Temperature Map – Temperature is measured with thermometers that may be calibrated to a variety of temperature scales. In most of the world (except for the United States, Jamaica, and a few other countries), the degree Celsius scale is used for most temperature measuring purposes. The entire scientific world (the U.S. included) measures temperature using the Celsius scale and thermodynamic temperature using the kelvin scale, which is just the Celsius scale shifted downwards so that 0 K= −273.15°C, or absolute zero. Many engineering fields in the U.S., especially high-tech ones, also use the kelvin and degrees Celsius scales. However, the United States is the last major country in which the degree Fahrenheit temperature scale is used by most lay people, industry, popular meteorology, and government. Other engineering fields in the U.S. also rely upon the Rankine scale (a shifted Fahrenheit scale) when working in thermodynamic-related disciplines such as combustion.

US Map, United States Map, USA River Map, Map of USA, US Cellular Map, USA Temperature Map, Map of United States

The Current USA Temperature map shows the current temperatures color contoured every 5 degrees F. Temperature is a physical property of a system that underlies the common notions of hot and cold; something that is hotter generally has the greater temperature. Specifically, temperature is a property of matter. Temperature is one of the principal parameters of thermodynamics. On the microscopic scale, temperature is defined as the average energy of microscopic motions of a single particle in the system per degree of freedom. On the macroscopic scale, temperature is the unique physical property that determines the direction of heat flow between two objects placed in thermal contact. If no heat flow occurs, the two objects have the same temperature; otherwise heat flows from the hotter object to the colder object. These two basic principles are stated in the zeroth law and second law of thermodynamics, respectively. For a solid, these microscopic motions are principally the vibrations of its atoms about their sites in the solid. For an ideal monatomic gas, the microscopic motions are the translational motions of the constituent gas particles. For a multiatomic gas, vibrational and rotational motion should be included too.

usa tempreture map, us tempreture map, tempreture map of usa, tempreture map of usa

Temperature Map of USA – Intuitively, temperature is a measure of how hot or cold something is, although the most immediate way in which we can measure this, by feeling it, is unreliable, resulting in the phenomenon of felt air temperature, which can differ at varying degrees from actual temperature. On the molecular level, temperature is the result of the motion of particles which make up a substance. Temperature increases as the energy of this motion increases. The motion may be the translational motion of the particle, or the internal energy of the particle due to molecular vibration or the excitation of an electron energy level. Although very specialized laboratory equipment is required to directly detect the translational thermal motions, thermal collisions by atoms or molecules with small particles suspended in a fluid produces Brownian motion that can be seen with an ordinary microscope. The thermal motions of atoms are very fast and temperatures close to absolute zero are required to directly observe them. For instance, when scientists at the NIST achieved a record-setting cold temperature of 700 nK (1 nK = 10−9 K) in 1994, they used optical lattice laser equipment to adiabatically cool caesium atoms. They then turned off the entrapment lasers and directly measured atom velocities of 7 mm per second in order to calculate their temperature.

USA Climate | United States Climate

  • In general terms, there are four seasons in the US – spring (April to June), summer (July to September), fall (October to December), and winter (January to March).
  • The US has a large latitudinal extent because of which the temperature varies considerably from north to south. The annual mean temperature ranges from as low as 26 °F at Fairbanks in Central Alaska, to about 52°F at Seattle on the western seaboard, New York on the eastern seaboard, and Denver on the Great Plains. The mean temperature reaches as high as 75 °F at Miami, Florida.
  • Rainfall in the country reduces from the west to east.

This Map of Annual Temperature of the US gives you clarity on regional climatic variations.

USA Geography | United states Geography 

  • The northernmost point of the USA is Point Barrow in Alaska and the southernmost point is Ka Lae in Hawaii.
  • The USA is divided into nine time zones.
  • The total area of the USA is 9,857,306 sq. km, making it the third largest country in the world.
  • The major rivers of the country are the Colorado, Columbia, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Rio Grande, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Snake River, and the Yellowstone.
  • More than 800 rivers crisscross the Continental U.S. This USA atlas map shows some of the longest rivers in the US.
  • The Mississippi River combines with the Missouri River to form the fourth longest river system in the world.
  • Of the five great lakes, Lake Superior, Huron, Erie and Ontario are shared by the USA and Canada and only Michigan lies entirely in the USA.
  • The highest point in the USA is Mount McKinley in Alaska, which is 6,194 meters high. The lowest point is the Death Valley in California which lies 86 meters below sea level.
  • The USA has more diverse ecosystems than any other nation in the world.
  • Iconic flora of the USA includes the Prairie grass, the Giant Redwood of California and the Giant Saguaro cacti in the US deserts.
  • Alaska’s coastline is longer than the coastlines of all other states combined.
  • The USA has 59 officially-designated National Parks spread over the 50 states.

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