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Map of Woodstock – Are you searching for Woodstock & Quqchee Village Map for enjoying your holidays? We offer you the best information about Woodstock & Quechee Village along with Map. You have chosen a right place to see place to spend your weekends or spending some beautiful holidays or relaxing your mind. The Woodstock is attracting the people all over the word through its beauty. Since 1766 Woodstock has been highly dignified seat. There are many grand houses which surround the oval village green. Especially the Woodstock’s churches can claim bells cast by Paul Revere. Do you know? A friend of Abraham Lincoln’s Senator Jacob Collamer, once he observed, ‘The good people of Woodstock have less incentives than others to yearn for heaven’. Today the Woodstock is still very wealthy and very beautiful. You can also spend some time by walking around the lush green which surrounded by Greek revival homes, public building and Federal. Not only these, you can also walk around Ottauquechee River, along With spanned by three covered bridges.

Woodstock Location – East of Woodstock, just 5 minutes drive, small, twee Quechee Village is Quechee George home. It has some outstanding restaurants. The Woodstock city is in Cherokee Country, Georgia, United States. According to 2010 census the population of the city is 23,896. Originally a stop on the Nashville Railroad, Louisville, Woodstock is part of the Atlanta metropolitan area. It is also tenth fastest-growing suburb in the United States of America as per 2007 records.

Woodstock Information | Woodstock Ontario Street Map

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Woodstock Ontario Map – The city Woodstock is located in southern Cherokee country at 3406’5N 84031’10”W. The interstate 575 passes though the western side of the Woodstock city, with access from exits 7, 8 and 9.  The downtown Atlanta is aroung 48 kilo meter (30 miles) to the south and Canton, the Cherokee Country seat which is 18 kilo meter (11 miles) north.

As per the records of United States Census Bureau, Woodstock has total area of 29.2 km2 (11.3 square miles), out of that 28.9 km2 (11.2 square miles) is land and 0.3 km2  (0.12 square miles) or 0.92% is water.

The Woodstock is divided into main three parts as follows:

  • Historic Downtown
  • Towne Lake
  • The Ridgewalk line (up and coming)

Woodstock History | Quechee Village  Map

Map of Woodstock, Woodstock Ontario Map,Woodstock History, Quechee Village Map,Woodstock Street Map,Quechee Village, Woodstock Cape Town,Woodstock Information

Woodstock Street Map – The first people who settle here, they called their new home Woodstock, that community did not become an official city until 1897. In the year 1833, the postal records show that a postmaster was in Woodstock at that time. Even historical documents which show that, the establishment of churches in the Woodstock area in the 1830’s as migrations of pioneers came to the community farm land, for producing most of their needs. In the early settlements sprang up around the waterways, the reality of railroad and train depot became in 1879, after that only the town is entered on these landmarks. In the year 1912 the Woodstock Depot was built by the Louisville and Nashville Railroad as the town grew. The passenger services was ended in 1949 but before that, the line transported rope, cotton and other agricultural products also the passengers. In the line Main Street the historical homes were built a century ago. Many of them have been converted there homes for thriving businesses and some are home to descendants of the original owners.

Woodstock Cape Town – To maintaining the beauty of the Woodstock city, the authorities made a plan for Green prints project. The Green print project is for construction of trails along the city’s natural areas like the Noonday, Greek, Little river and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineering property even in the city’s core areas. The bike lanes which are within the project are to be considered trails, would be built along roads throughout the city. This project will also preserve the green space throughout the Woodstock city and its will create new parks also. This special proposed trails will connects with existing trails elsewhere in Cherokee Country as well as in the cities of Roswell and Alpharetta and Cobb County. Because of this project the trails will add around 97 kilo meters (60 miles) throughout the city which will connect every public place, shopping area and neighborhood.

Interesting Memories about Woodstock  

Map of Woodstock, Woodstock Ontario Map,Woodstock History, Quechee Village Map,Woodstock Street Map,Quechee Village, Woodstock Cape Town,Woodstock Information

Quechee Village – On 25th May 2009, the Woodstock city is unveiled the new Woodstock memorial, 10 tones of pure polished granite dedicated to Woodstock veterans. It reads – “In memoriam, lest we forget the ultimate cost of freedom. We salute all, especially our Woodstock veterans who gave their lives defending America’s God-given freedom so that we continue to live free”. A bridge name was given after 15 years old Katie Hamlin, who was murdered in 2002, one-lane bridge over Kellogg Creel along Kemp Drive. The Woodstock city has maintains its own police and fire departments. In 2007 October, the city has the fire department had one fire station and 44 certified fire fighters. Jerry W. Smith will command the city fire department. Calvin Moss is the Police Chief. The whole Cherokee county, they are the largest municipal police department, they are responsible for 28 km2 (11 square miles) and over 23000 residents according to October 2007.

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