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Map of Wisconsin: In the north-central part of the United States, the Wisconsin state is being located. At its west this state is being bordered by the Minnesota while at its south this state is being bordered by the lower, at the east it is being bordered by Lake Michigan, at the northeast, it is being bordered by the Michigan and on the north side, it is being bordered by the Lake Superior.

Wisconsin on USA Map

Wisconsin on USA Map, map of Wisconsin

Coming to the total area of Wisconsin, it is being considered as the 23rd largest state. It is also remarked as the most populous state and is marked at the 20th rank. Madison is the state capital of Wisconsin. Coming to the largest city of this state, we have Milwaukee.

A huge number of geographical features are being possessed by this state Wisconsin. Into five distinct regions, the state Wisconsin is being divided into. Along Lake Superior, the lake superior lowland does occupy a specific belt of land. The northern highland has about 1,500,000 acres of land comprising of hardwood and forests. An approximate of about 46 % of the land area of the state Wisconsin is being covered by forests.

The U.S Forest Service manages the one and only national forest in Wisconsin. The name of that particular national forest is Chequamegon –Nicolet National Forest. With German’s Hesse, with Japan’s Chiba Prefecture, with Mexico’s Jalisco, with China’s Heilongjiang and Nicaragua too, a proper sister-state relationship is being maintained by the state Wisconsin. The location or the place which is farthest from the state Wisconsin at any point but not within the state Wisconsin is located almost 15 miles south west of the Wausau, is remarked as the pole of Inaccessibility.

Map of Wisconsin

Map of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Map

In the north central United States, in the Midwest and the great lakes regions, the state Wisconsin is being located. Around a number of 72 countries, the state is being divided into. “America’s Dairy land” is the name which is being remarked to the state Wisconsin. This is only because it is one of the best producers of Diary all over the world. It is basically famous and special for cheese.

From the name Wisconsin River, the name Wisconsin has been generated. Coming to the boundaries of the state, we have two River bordering the state. The two rivers are the Mississippi River and the St. Croix River in the west and in the northeast it is being bordered by the Menominee River.

Map of Wisconsin State

Map of Wisconsin State, Map of Wisconsin

Coming to the climate of the state Wisconsin, this state basically has a summer-winter humid which was about 46 degree Celsius. Now, coming to the lowest temperatures we have about -48 degree Celsius in the village of Couderay.  A huge number of regular snowfall is also being observed in the southern part of this state which ranges from about 40 inches which is almost about 100 cms. There is about 160 inches which is about 410 cms snowfall in the Lake superior Snowbelt per year.

Coming to the census of the year 2010,the racial composition of the population in the state Wisconsin is being discussed in brief. A percentage of about 86.2 of the White Americans are present in this state. The percentage of black and African americans are about 6.3. Coming to the native americans and the Alaska natives we have about a percentage of 1.0 %. Asian American comprises of about 2.3 % of the population of the state. About a percentage of 1.8 % of the population, the multiracial Americans are included. Out of all the population a percentage of about 2.4 % is of some other race.

Roadmap of Wisconsin

Roadmap of Wisconsin, map of Wisconsin

The map of the state Wisconsin has to be very particular in order to be able to reach the goal. All sorts of towns, smaller cities and towns, major town are to be there in the map for proper guidance throughout. Some of the cities of this state Wisconsin are being described below.

Map of Wisconsin cities

Map of Wisconsin cities, Map of Wisconsin

A brief description of few cities, of this wonderful state, Wisconsin are being discussed below as follows:

Map of Milwaukee

In the state of Wisconsin, Milwaukee is known to be the largest state. In the Midwestern United States, this city is also considered as the Fifth largest city. On the Lake Michigan’s western shore we have the county seat of the Milwaukee County. This city has been renowned as the 31st largest city by the estimation of 2014 in the United States. In the year 2015, it was about 600,155 being the population of this beautiful city. The important cultural and the economic center of the Milwaukee metropolitan area is the Milwaukee city.

For its famous brewing traditions, Milwaukee is being known for. Since the year 1960, the city has been changing drastically towards improvement, construction, and development. The Milwaukee Riverwalk, the Wisconsin centre, the Miller Park, an improvement and expansion to the Milwaukee Art Museum, also the Milwaukee repertory theatre and also pier Wisconsin and finally the UW-Milwaukee panther arena are the few additions which has been made till date to this wonderful city.

Map of Milwaukee

Milwaukee has been derived from the word “Millioke” which means beautiful, lovely, good or fascinating land.  Along the shores and the bluffs of Lake Michigan, the city Milwaukee is being situated. Three rivers are also being included here which are the Menomonee, the Kinnickinnic and the Milwaukee. Various other rivers also flows through the city, like the root river and the Lincoln creek.

This city comprises of about 96.80 square miles of area of the state. Out of the whole number, a number of about 96.12 square miles of part are land while a number of about 0.68 square miles of part is water.  Also there are parts which are not that populated. The southeast corner of German town borders the portion in Washington county while the southeast corner of Menomonee falls which is basically the north of the village of Butler borders the portion of the Waukesha County.

Map of Madison

Madison is being recognised as the county seat of the Dane County. Besides that, it is also the capital of the state Wisconsin. Coming to the population of this city, it comprises of about 252,551 of the total number. It is also remarked as the second largest city in the state Wisconsin. In the United States, it is being considered as the 82nd largest city.

The word Madison has been derived under James Madison who has been the fourth  president of the United States. The city of monona, the villages of maple bluff, the smaller town of Madison, the villages of shore wood hills are being surrounded by this city, Madison.

With sun prairie, with middleton, with McFarland, and with Fitchburg, this city shares boundaries too. Coming to the area of this city, it comprises of about 94.03 square miles which is about 243.54 kilometres square. Out of this whole number, a part of it is land and a part of it is water. The land portion is about 76.79 square miles while the water portion is about 17.24 square miles.

Map of Madison

“The City of Four Lakes” is the name which is being given to the city Madison.  This is because it consists of the four respective lakes which are: Lake Mendota, Lake Monona, Lake Waubesa and Lake Kegonsa. All these rivers are the successive rivers of the Yahara River. Within the city there is another lake which is known as Lake Wingra. By the Wingra Creek, it is being connected to the Yahara River. In to the Rock River, the Yahara river flows which directly flows into the Mississippi river.

There are about 233,209 people, households of about 102,516, $59.840 was the annual income for a particular family according to the estimation done in the year 2010. At that point of time, the population density was about 3077.0 persons per square miles.

Map of Green Bay

In the U.S state of Wisconsin, Green Bay is considered as the county seat of the brown county. According to the estimation done in the year 2010, the population of Green Bay is about 104,057. In the state of Wisconsin, this city is being considered as the third largest city. For the national football league team Green Bay Packers, this city is a home.

The green bay metropolitan statistical area’s principal city is the Green Bay.  Kewaunee and the Oconto counties are also covered by it. Being an industrial city, it includes a lot of mills like paper mills, also it has a huge number of meat packing plants and many such more.

In the northeastern part of the state Wisconsin, the Green Bay is being situated.  Coming to the area of the city, it has an area of about 55.96 square miles. Out of these, apportion is land while a portion is of water. The land portion is about 45.47 square miles while the water portion is about 10.49 square miles.

Map of Green Bay

The climate of this city is basically the humid continental type of climate. There are four distinct seasons as per other cities. A mayor and a city council govern the city, Green Bay. By a citywide vote, the mayor is being selected while there are 12 members of the city council which are selected from the districts.

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