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In the Pacific Northwest region, Oregon is a state situated on the west coast of the United States. Along the Washington state, the northern boundary of the Oregon state is the Columbia River. Out of the three states of the contiguous United States, Oregon is one of the states along the Pacific Ocean where it has a coastline.

Oregon USA Map


Before the western traders, explorers and settlers arrived, this state Oregon has been inhabited at first by many indigenous tribes. In the year 1859, this state Oregon has become the 33rd state. The population of this state is about 4 million. In the United States, this state is being considered as the most populous state and is numbered as the 27th one. The area this state covers is about 250,000 square kilometres. The most populous city of this state is Salem. The amount of residents residing in that city is about 164,549 in numbers.

Map of Oregon  


One of the major economic forces of this state Oregon is the amount of timber production it has. Also, technology is another such important factor. In the United States, the most geographically diverse state is the Oregon state. This state is actually a mixture of lot of water bodies, volcanoes, mixed forests which are dense and evergreen, also deserts which are high and shrub lands which are basically semi=arid. Coming to the highest point of this state, mount hood is the highest point which is about 11,249 feet which is around 3429 metres approx.

There is only a single national park present in this state which is named as the Crater Lake National Park which does surround the Crater Lake and which is also recognised as the deepest lake in the whole of the United States. The single largest organism in the world lives here in this particular state. This organism is being named as the Armillaria Ostayae, it is basically a fungus which runs beneath around 2200 acres below the forest which is named as the Malheur National Forest.

Oregon Road Map

Coming to the road map of Oregon, one needs to get a proper map and then all places of Oregon one can easily visit. There are a lot of places which are worthy of visiting over there in that state. Some of them are: Washington park, crater lake national park, multnomah falls, Oregon coast aquarium,. Oregon zoo, Portland Japanese garden, Oregon museum of science and Industry, the high desert museum, the crater lake, the portland children museum, lan su Chinese garden, Columbia river maritime museum, the sea lion caves.

Also there are places like the haystack rock, the Yaquina head light, the evergreen aviation and space museum, the Astoria column, the cape perpetua, the grotto, the lewis and clark national and state historical parks, the pittock mansion, the Oregon dunes national recreation area, the world forestry center, the timberline lodge, hoyt arboretum, the Tillamook air museum, devils punch bowl state natural area, the forest park, the yaquina bay state recreation site, the pioneer courthouse square, the oaks amusement park, the enchanted forest, the captain George flavel house museum, the face rock state scenic viewpoint, the Oregon garden and the silver falls state park.

Map of Oregon with Cities

The map of Oregon are being clearly described with all types of cities and all with proper markings so that it becomes easy for the travellers to travel and reach the destination.

Map of Oregon Cities

There are a huge number of beautiful and pleasant cities in the state of Oregon. Some of them are being described below in details.

Cities of OREGON are as follows:


In the United States, this state Oregon has the city named Portland which is being considered as the largest city. In the pacific northwest of the Willamette valley region, this city is being considered as a major port. The area of this city is about 145 square miles which is about 380 square kilometres. Coming to the population of this city, it is about 639,863 in number according to the year 2016. In the United States, this city is being considered as the 25th most populous MSA.

At 60 miles away from the pacific ocean, this city Portland is being situated on the Willamette valley which is also considered as Oregon’s most populated region. This city comprises of about 76.1 % of the population which is of the white people. A percentage of about 7.1 comprises of the Asian population. The native americans comprises of about 1.0 % of the total population. Also, the pacific islanders comprises of about 0.5 % of the total population.

A percentage of about 4.7 % do belong to either two or more than two racial groups of the total population and also 5.0 % consisting from other races. There are about 583,776 number of people who live in that particular city, out of which 235,508 are being organized into various households.

Map of Salem

The county seat of Marion County is the city Salem. In the United States of the state Oregon, this city is being considered as the capital. Alongside of the Willamette River, this city is being located just at the centre of the valley which is named as the Willamette valley.

According to the estimation of the year 2010, this city salem had a population of about 154,637 in numbers. This city was also considered as the largest city in the state and was also ranked as the third one. In salem, the state Oregon had three capitol buildings and also a two-storey satte house which has been captured for only two months and burnt down in the year 1855 in the month of December. There are a lot of places in this city which are worth visiting.

Some of the names of these places are: Willamette heritage centre, Oregon Garden, walter wirth lake, Antique Powrland,A.C. Gilbert’s Discovery Village, Hallie ford museum of art, Oregon electric railway museum and Salem first united Methodist Church.

Map of Eugene

This city Eugene is being located at the southern part of the valley named Willamette. This city has a population of about 156, 185 in numbers according to the estimation done in the year 2010. There are a lot of places which are to be visited in this wonderful city. Some of them are: University of Oregon museum of natural and cultural history, alton baker park, cascades raptor center, science factory children’s museum and planetarium, Oregon air and space museum, Hendricks park, mount Pisgah, Eugene celebration, Jordan schnitzer museum of art and Shelton Mcmurphey Johnson house.

Kalapuyans was the name given to the first people who used to stay in Eugene at the earlier times. In order to collect and preserve foods, they used to give special rounds. In their permanent winter village, they used to store and preserve their foods. The city Eugene is being named after Eugene franklin skinner who did arrive in the valley which is named as Willamette in the year 1846. Columbia college was the first educational institution in that city Eugene.

The city has an area of about 43.74 square miles which is about 113.29 square kilometres. The part comprising of water is about 43.72 square miles which is about 113.23 square kilometres and the part comprising of land is about 0.02 square miles which is about 0.05 square kilometres. There are a lot of neighbourhood associations which are: fairmount, downtown,. River road, far west, west Eugene, train song, bethel, cal young, Churchill, southeast, industrial corridor, west university, whiteaker, spencer butte, santa clara, harlow, Jefferson westside, laurel hill valley, crest drive, friendly, amazon and harlow.

Map of Gresham


This city is considered as the largest city of the United states of the state Oregon and is numbered on the 4th position. Coming to the population of this city, it is about 109,397 in numbers. The area of this city is about 23.43 square miles which is about 60.68 square kilometres. The part consisting of land is about 23.20 square miles which is about 60.09 square kilometres and the part consisting of water is about 0.23 square miles which is about 0.60 square kilometres. This city is being located in the east side of the city Portland. This city has been named after walter Quinton Gresham.

By the brothers Jackson  and james powell, this city was first inhabited by. The pioneer families soon did join them. The percentage of white people residing over there is about 83.9. The percentage of Hispanic is about 18.3 of the total population residing in that particular city. The Asian people comprises of about 5.1 % of the total population residing over there. Also 5.1 % of other races people stay over that specific area in that city.

The American Indian comprises of about 4.7 % of the total population residing in that city. 3.7% of the total population of the African americans do reside in that particular city. A percentage of about 0.3 of the total population comprises of the Native Hawaaiian who resides in that particular city. According to the estimation of the year 2010, there are about 38,704 households, 25,835 families which are residing in that particular city. Coming to the population density of the city, it is approx. 4551.5 persons per square miles which is about 1757.3  square kilometres.

The council manager form of government rules over there in that city. A city manager is being appointed by the council manager in order to look after the daily operations being held in that

particular city. There are 3 school districts which serve Gresham. They are: Centennial, Gresham-barlow and Reynolds.

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