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In the United States, the New Hampshire is the most beautiful and the attractive state. Out of the fifty United States, the New Hampshire is considered as the fifth smallest according to the area of land it holds. It is also considered as the least populous state and is ranked as the ninth one amongst the fifty states. The New Hampshire has Massachusetts in its south, it also has the Vermont in its extreme west, to the east it has the Maine and the Atlantic Ocean, and in the north it has the Canadian province of Quebec.

New Hampshire on USA Map

Of the New England region, the New Hampshire is a subpart of it. The major regions of the New Hampshire are: the White Mountain, the great north woods, the seacoast, the lakes region, the Monad nock region, the Merrimack valley and also the Dartmouth-lake Sunapee area. Covering a length of about 18 miles which is about 29 kilometres, the New Hampshire is considered to have the shortest ocean coastal line. This place has been a home to many places like the rock formation which is also known as the old man of the mountain, also a face like side in Franconia Notch, it was valid till the formations were integrated in several parts in the year 2003.

The northern central part of the state is covered by the white mountains range. Mount Madison and Mount Adams are the mountains which surround them. There are few major rivers which divides the state in north and south parts equally. The north part is known as the Newburyport while the south part is known as the Massachusetts. The Contoocook river, the Pemigewasset river and the Winniepesaukee river are the three tributaries of it.

A popular local summer destination for holiday is the Hampton Beach. The several tributaries of the river Piscataqua and the river Pistaqua itself flows in the atlantic ocean at the Portsmouth. Coming to the largest lakes of the New Hampshire, is the lake Winnepesaukee which is about 71 square miles of the state New Hampshire. In the New Hampshire, the Squam lake is considered as the second largest lake after the lake Winnepesaukee.

The highest percentage of timberland is found here in this state. Of the 13 original colonies present, the new Hampshire colony was considered as one of them situated in the northern America on its atlantic coast. The climate of this state is humid continental type consisting of proper summers, winters, springs, rain all over the year. The atlantic ocean moderates the climate of the south eastern part. Cooler temperatures and humidity are being experienced by the northern parts. Throughout the state, the winter season is old and snowy.

Also there is snowfall which ranges from about 60 inches which is about 150 centimetres to about 100 inches which is about 250 centimetres all over the state. The temperature during the day time throughout the state during the period of July is about 70sdegree F to 80s degree F while the temperature during the night time throughout the state is about 50s degree F to 60s degree F. The amount of rainfall occurring over there is about a range of 40 inches which is about 100 cm. This state is usually attacked by hurricanes and all sorts of tropical storms. There are records of about 20 thunder storms in one year and also two tornadoes which occur per year.

Map of New Hampshire

The population density of New Hampshire is said to be about 1.327 million people. The state consists of forty or above colleges and universities. To the south mostly all the population are drifting for about 12 miles. Coming to the gender population of the state, the male population comprises of 49.3 % while the female population comprises of 50.7 %. There are a lot of metropolitan cities in the New Hampshire state. All these metropolitan cities are resembled by the U.S Census Bureau as the New England Cities and Town Areas (NECTAs).

The famous and major cities which are present in the New Hampshire state are: Berlin, Claremont, Franklin, Keene, Concord, Laconia, Lebanon, Manchester, Nashua, Portsmouth and Rochester. There are also a lot of attractive places to be visited by a lot of tourists or the mango people over there.

Some of the names of the places are: Mount Washington, Story Land, Squam lakes natural part center, whale’s tale water park, new England ski museum. Also there are places like the music hall, the pats peak, King Pine, Mount Washington State Park, Mount Washington Cog Railway, Canobie Lake Park.

A huge number of places like Currier Museum of Art, Echo Lake, also the Bretton Woods Mountain resort, The Mount Sunapee Resort, The isles of Shoals, Tuckerman Ravine, also the Mount Washington Observatory, Also the Mount Monadnock, The old man of the mountain and many such more places are there to be cherished.

Roadmap of New Hampshire

Coming to the roadmap of the New Hampshire State, it is very important to have the map in order to reach this particular state. It is a beautiful state and a proper guidance map is very much necessary in order to avoid any sort of inconvenience. All sorts of information are to be given in the detailed map which should show a proper way in order to reach the destination. Some of the cities are been given below.

All cities of New Hampshire are as follows:

Here, the map of the cities of the state New Hampshire are given below in brief:

Map of Manchester

Manchester is considered as one of the largest metropolitan cities In the New Hampshire state. The population of this city was about 5,30,300 in the year 2015. It is also considered as one of the largest urban areas and is also marked as the second one. The Manchester city council is the one which governs the city of Manchester. The climate of Manchester is a bit like the oceanic climate. All the building of Manchester displays a sign of a diversity of various architectural styles starting from the Victorian to the contemporary architectures. In almost all the buildings out there, a huge number of the red bricks are being used. There are also a huge number of cotton mills at the outskirts of the city.  Some of the cotton mills are left as just the way they are while some of them are developed further into apartments and buildings like the Manchester Town Hall and many such more.

Map of Nashua

This city Nashua is considered as the second largest city in the state of New Hampshire. Coming to the population density of this city, it is about 87,137 while the area of this respective city is about 31.89 squares kilometres. The Merrimack river surrounds the eastern part of the city Nashua. The Nashua river and the salmon brook are the two rivers which divides the Nashua city into two parts. The northern part of the city is the Pennichuck Brook while the southern part of the city is the Gilboa Hill which is about 426 feel above the sea level. The climate of the Nashua city is a four season continental type comprising of all the four seasons respectively. This city is a very lovely city and a perfect place for any sort of visitors. There are a lot of places which are to be visited here such as the Roby Park, Lincoln Park and many more lakes, museums, rivers, etc.

Map of Concord

Concord city is considered as the third largest city in the state of the New Hampshire. Its population is about 42,695. This city also consists of various villages like East Concord, West Concord and also the villages of Penacook. For most of the colleges and schools and universities like University of New Hampshire School of Law, New Hampshire’s only law school, the ST. Paul’s school and a two-year community college, this city is considered as a home. 

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