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In the Midwestern United States, this is a very beautiful state which is being located. At the east of the state, it is being bordered by the Mississippi river while the Missouri river and the big Sioux river borders the state on the west side. At the northeast of the state, this state Iowa has Wisconsin, at the east side of the state, it has Illinois, At the south of the state Iowa it has Missouri, at the west of the state, it has Nebraska, At the northwest of the state it has south Dakota and finally at the north side of the state it has the Minnesota.See the USA Map and know more about Map of Lowa.

Iowa in USA Map

French Louisiana and Spanish Louisiana comprises of the whole Iowa state of the United States. Coming to the land area, this state is said to be the most expensive and is also marked on the 26th position. Out of the 50 United States, this state is said to be the most populous state and is also marked on the 30th rank. The largest city of this state is Des Moines which is also the capital of this state. According to studies, this state is marked as the safest state in which any people is supposed to live or have lived. Hawkeye State is the nickname which is being given to this wonderful state.

From the people who are named as the Ioway people, this name Iowa is being derived form. These tribes did take over the place during the European exploration. The east and the west side of this state are full of rivers and this is the only state in which such happens. There are about 99 counties, and also 100 county seats of this state Iowa. The lee county has two which are named as the des moines and the  polk county.

The tallgrass prairie and the savannas in the areas of the upland are the natural vegetation of this state. A lot of species are endangered in this state. Names of some of them are: the interior least tem, the piping plover, the Indiana bat, the pallid sturgeon, the Iowa Pleistocene land snail, the Topeka shiner and the Higgin’s eye pearly mussel. Also a lot of plants are being endangered in this state. Names of such are: western prairie fringed orchid, eastern prairie fringed orchid, the mead’s milkweed, prairie bush clover and the northern wild monkshood. There are various factors which do affect the weather of this state Iowa. Some factors are: coal fired power plant’s extensive and wide usage, From the crop production, fertilizer and pesticide do runoff, the Jordan aquifer is diminished.

Iowa Map

The white people consist of about 91.3 % of the total population. The black or the African American consists of about 2.9 % of the total population of the state. The American Indian and Alaska native comprises of about 0.4 % of the total population of the state. The Asian people consist of about 1.7 % of the total population of the state. The native Hawaiian and other pacific islander consists of about 0.1 % of the total population of the state. 1.8% of the total population of the state comprises of other races. Coming to the last two or more races of the total population, 1.8 % is the amount of which it beholds.

Iowa Road Map

The road map of this particular city gives all details to its respective travellers and visitors in order to help them out and make them feel comfortable at the specific state.

Map of Iowa Cities

There are a huge number of cities which are being located here in this state. Some of the cities are : des moines, cedar rapids, davenport, Sioux city, Iowa city, the waterloo, council bluffs, west des moines, ames, Dubuque, Ankeny, Urbandale, cedar falls, Bettendorf, marion.

Cities in Iowa

Some of the cities of this state are being described below with proper and sufficient details in order for the proper guidance of the visitors of that particular city of that state.

All cities of Iowa are described beneath:      

Map of Des Moines

In the United States of the state Iowa, this city Des Moines is considered as one of the most populous cities. Polk County is the county seat of this particular city. The warren county is the part which is being extended by this city. This city has been named after the river des Moines which has further been derived from a colonial which is French. Coming to the population of the city, it is about 203,433 in numbers according to the estimation of the year 2010. Out of the United States insurance industry, this city is said to be the major centre among all.

For the principal financial group, the Meredith corporation, the Ruan transportation, the EMC Insurance Companies and the well mark blue cross blue shield, ACE Limited, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Monsanto, Facebook, Wells Fargo, Voya Financial, Nationwide mutual Insurance company, marsh, Pioneer Hi- Bred, this city Des Moines is the home. Coming to the area of this city, it is about 90.65 square miles which is about 234.78 square kilometres. The portion of land consist of about 88.93 square miles which is about 230.33 square kilometres while the portion of water consist of about 1.73 square miles which is about 4.48 square kilometres.

There are a huge number of points which can be visited over there in that city and also a huge number of colleges and universities.  Some of the names of such beautiful and attractive places and colleges and universities are: blank park zoo, des Moines art center, greater des moines botanical garden, Iowa state capitol, Des Moines Civic center, principal park, living history farms, prairie meadows, wells fargo arena, terrace hill, hoyt Sherman place, Jordan house, polk county courthouse, the drake stadium, the river view park, basilica of St. John, the drake university, DMACC, the des moines university, grand view university, mercy college of health sciences, drake university law school, AIB College of Business, Vatterott College, American college of hair styling, Iowa health des moines, des moines college, university of phoenix and des moines university college of podiatric medicine and surgery.

Map of Cedar Rapids

In the Iowa state of the United States, this city is said to be the largest city and is also said to be on the second position because of this. Coming to the population of this city, it is around 128,429 in numbers. The area of this city is about 186.7 square kilometres approx. A multiple number of places are there here in this city which are to be visited by the people travelling to this city in order to explore it.

The names of all these multiple places with such beauty are: theatre cedar rapids, Iowa masonic library, the cedar rapids museum of art, the Kirkwood community college, come college, mount mercy university, Kaplan university –cedar rapids campus, Capri-college-cedar rapids, the Capri college, American college of hairstyling-cedar rapids mercy/ St. Luke’s school of radiologic technology, the Hamilton college and the IIT Technical Institute.

Map of Davenport

This city is one of the metropolitan cities of the Iowa state of the United States and it has a population of around 474,226 in numbers. This city is considered to be the most attractive and the most pleasant place for visitors. Interesting points which can be visited by the travellers are: the figge art museum, the Putnam museum, the vander veer botanical park, lock and dam number 15, sunderbruch park, the credit island, the duck creek parkway, the rock island arsenal and the Lindsay park. These places are the real assets of this wonderful city due to which the glamour of the city is increasing day by day as per the recent estimations.

Map of Sioux City

In the state of Iowa of the United States, this city is located in the counties names wood bury and the Plymouth. Coming to the population of the city, which is approximately 82,459 in numbers. The Sioux city art center, the wood bury county courthouse, the Sioux city Orpheum, cathedral of the epiphany and Mc cook lake are the most interesting points of this particular city of Iowa of the United States. Also the morning side college, the briar cliff university, the western Iowa Tech, St. Luke’s college, Iowa school of beauty and bio-chi institute of message therapy are the famous colleges of this respective city.

Map of Iowa City

In the north America, this city is said to be the one and only city of literature as being declared by the UNESCO in the year 2008. In numbers, it is approx. 71,591 is the population of this city of the Iowa state. The amana colonies, Iowa old capitol building, the englert theatre, university of Iowa museum of art, Coralville lake, kinnick stadium, carver-hawkeye arena, Herbert hoover presidential library and museum, university of Iowa museum of natural history, plum grove historic house, hickory hill park, university of Iowa athletics hall of fame, Oakland cemetery, Devonian fossil George, Silos and smokestacks, old brick Iowa city and the congregational united church of Christ are the famous and the most popular places which are worthy of visit in this city of the Iowa state.

Map of Council Bluffs

This is also a very pleasant city in the Iowa state of the United States. The population of this city is about 61,969. Few destinations which are worth visiting here in this city are: rails west railroad museum, horseshoe casino council bluffs, mid-america center  and the dodge park play land.  Also there are multiple universities for educational purposes like the Iowa western community college, Kaplan university-council-bluffs campus and the EQ school of hair design.

Map of Ames

In the story county, this city ames is being situated in the Iowa state and in the central part of the state of the United States. The population of this wonderful city is around 61,792 in numbers. Iowa state university, reiman gardens, Hilton coliseum, jack trice stadium and the farm house are the few interesting points of this city of the Iowa state. Now coming to the colleges and the universities of this city, Iowa state university college of veterinary medicine, Iowa state university college of business, Iowa state university college of Human Sciences, PCI Academy and the salon professional academy are the ones which are actually popular ones.

Map of West Des Moines

The aveda institute –des moines, university of phoenix-des moines  campus are the two famous universities of that particular city of the Iowa state of the United States. This city West Des Moines is a very gorgeous city with very pleasant weather and surroundings. It has a good climate and people residing there do enjoy the weather and also the destinations of the city.


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