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Out of the 50 United States, this state is one of the state which is being located in the region of the mid-atlantic or the region of the northeast. At its south and west, Maryland borders the state while Pennyslvania borders the north side and by the new jersey and the atlantic ocean the east side is being bordered. From the Thomas west, 3rd bacon de la war, a nobleman who is an English man and virginia’s first colonial governor, this state Delaware takes its name. Below are few Map  of Delaware which are being described as follows in details:

Delaware on USA Map

Various groups of native americans including the north people which includes the Lenape and the south people which includes the Nanticoke. In the American revolution, this state has been one of the states of the thirteen colonies in order to participate here. In order to ratify the constitution of the United States, this state Delaware has been the first one to do so. This state is therefore given the name as “The First State”.

The name Delaware has been taken form the famous river which is known as the Delaware river. The Delaware river further has been derived from the Thomas west. The area of this state is about 1954 square miles which is around 5060 square kilometres. After the Rhode island, this state Delaware is said to be the second most smallest state in the whole of the United States.

The highest point of this state is the Ebright azimuth which is near the school named as the concord high school. The north eastern coastal forests and the oak forests which are mixed are being found in the northern third of the state Delaware. Middle atlantic coastal forests, trap pond state park are being found in the southern two-thirds of the state Delaware.

Map of Delaware

Dover is the capital of this beautiful state. This state has a population of about 935,614 in  numbers. A lot of wonderful and attractive places are there which can be visited in this city. The names of such places are: Rehoboth beach, Wilmington, Bethany beach, lewes, dover, dewey beach, Newark, fenwick island, the new castle, Delaware city, Millsboro,. Bear, Georgetown, delmar, Delaware bay, Smyrna, Milton, frank ford, slaughter beach, Claymont, sea ford, mill ford, laurel Odessa, Bombay hook national wildlife refuge and many such places which are worthy of visit in this beautiful state of Delaware. S

The white americans consist of about 68.09 % of the total population. The black or the African americans consist of about 21.4 % of the total population. The American indian or the alaska native consist of about 0.5 % of the total population. The Asian African comprises of about 3.2 % of the total population of the state, The pacific islander or the native Hawaiian comprises of about 0.0 % of the total population of the state Delaware. A perentage of about 3.4 consists of other races as such in the whole state. 2.7 % of the total population of the state consists of about the multiracial American.

Delaware Road Map

A huge number of points and places are there which any traveller is for sure to visit. Such places are: Delaware brandy wine creek, the cape henlopen state park, the Winterthur museum, garden and library, the hagley museum and library, Nemours mansion and gardens, dover international speedway, Delaware beaches, the Delaware art museum, Delaware seashore state park, fort Delaware, the brandy wine zoo, Zwaanendael Museum, first state heritage park, Delaware museum of natural history, Delmarva peninsula, the john Dickinson house, lums pond state park, Delaware center for the contemporary arts, fenwick island state park, the brandy wine river museum, the Bellevue state park, the junction and the breakwater trail, delaware agricultural and museum and village, fenwick island light.

Also there are more places worthy if visiting which are: Nassau valley vineyards, the holy trinity church, the lewes and Rehoboth canal, the pea patch island, the Newark reservoir, the robinson house, the holts landing state park, the fox point state park, the hale byrnes house, Immanuel episcopal church on the Green, Barratt’s Chapel, the mount cuba astronomical observatory, the fort dupont state park, the delaware memorial bridge, the Delaware sports museum and hall of fame,  Chesapeake and Delaware canal, delaare breakwater east end light and finns point. All these places can easily be found with the help of a Delaware Road map, which gives proper detailing of eaha nd every destination required.

Delaware River Map

Near the banks of the rivers, many cities are being located which can be reached with the help of the Delaware river maps and road maps. The points and places are very beautiful which are worth visiting.

Cities in Delaware

There are a huge number of cities present in this state Delaware. Some of them are: Delaware city, dover, Harrington, lewes, Middletown, mil ford, new castle, Newark, Rehoboth beach, sea ford, Wilmington. Also there are a lot of towns which are being located in this beautiful state. Some of them are: Bellefonte, Bethany beach, bethel, blades, bowers, Bridgeville, Camden, cheswold, clayton, Dagsboro, delmar, dewey beach, Ellendale, Elsmere, Farmington, felton, fenwick island, frank ford, Frederica, Georgetown, greenwood, hartly, henlopen acres, Houston, Kenton, laurel, Leipsic, little creek, magnolia, Millsboro, Millville, Milton, Newport, ocean view, Odessa, Selbyville, the slaughter beach, smyma, south Bethany, town send, viola, wood side, Wyoming.

Some of the counties of that state are: kent, the new castle, sussex. Coming to the villages of this state are: arden, ardencroft, arden town, woodland. Also there are various unincorporated places in this state like the bear, brook side, christiana, Clarksville, Claymont, dover base housing, edge moor, Glasgow, Greenville, gumboro, harbeson, Lincoln city, oak orchard, pike creek, river view, Roxana, Rodney village, penny hill, omar, north star, mount pleasant, Stanton, saint georges, woodside east.

Below are few cities of this state which are being described as follows in details:

Map of Wilmington

On the Christina and the delaware rivers, this city Wilmington is one of the most beautiful cities which has a lot of visiting places which are very much worthy of visit. Coming to the population of this city, it is about 71,525 in numbers. The places which are worth visiting in this city are: brandy wine creek, hagley museum and library, Delaware art museum, Winterthur museum, garden and library, Nemours mansion and gardens, brandy wine zoo, grand opera house, Delaware center for the contemporary arts, Delaware museum of natural history, Bellevue state park, Holy trinity church, fox point state park, Delaware sports museum and hall of fame, mount cuba astronomical observatory, hale-byrnes house and Gibraltar.

Map of Dover

In the Delaware state of the United States, this wonderful city is said to be the second largest city and is also the capital of this state Delaware. This city comprises an area of about 58.8 square kilometres and also has a population of about 37,366 in numbers. This city is also known for its educational skills and colleges and institutions. Some of them which are quite popular are: Wesley college, Delaware technical community college, harris school of business, the Wilmington college and the Delaware state university.  Places like dover international speedway, Delaware agricultural museum and village, Delaware legislative hall, john Dickinson house and the first stage heritage park.

Map of Newark

In the Delaware state of the United States, this city is being known as the third largest city. Coming to the area of the city, it is about 23 square kilometres and coming to its population, it is about around 32,549 in numbers. There are a huge number of colleges and universities over here in this city like the University of Delaware, Alfred lerner college of business and economics. Delaware technical and community college-stanton-wilmington, schilling-douglas school of hair design, paul Mitchell the school and the strayer university.

Map of Middletown

In the new castle county, this city is being located in the Delaware state of the United States. For the old tyme peach festival, which is actually a tradition which does happen every year which does attract lots and lots of visitors each year specifically in the month of august of that particular year, this is a home.  Coming to the area of the city, it is around 30.1 square kilometres. There are also private schools located in that town which are: MOT Charter school, St. Andrew’s School and St. Anne’s Episcopal School. There are also a huge number of places for the people and for the visitors in order to visit the wonderful places located over there.


Map of Milford

Coming to the population of this city, it is around 10,122 in numbers. This city is one of the most wonderful cities of this Delaware state. Now, coming to the area of this city, it is around 15 square kilometres. In this particular city, there are a huge number of public schools and only it is only limited to the public schools over there. In the year 1680, the kent county side of this city mil ford has been settled by henry bowan, which was also known as the saw mill range. Along the banks of the river named Mispillion River, this wonderful city is being located at the state Delaware on the United States. All possible descriptions of this city are actually provided in the map and the road map and the river maps too in  order to reach the demands of the visitors and the people over there. The visitors can easily reach their required destinations with the help of such maps. These maps are quite useful and not even that difficult to understand as all routes are well explained in details.

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