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Alaska Cities – Alaska state is the state which is fourth least populous and with 7,10,231 inhabitants. It is largest by land area which spread around 570640.95 square miles; this is the record according to United States Census 2010. The state Alaska is the state of United States situated in the northwest extremely of the North American continent. According to 2014 October, the state Alaska which has 148 incorporated cities: out of them four cities are unified home rule municipalities, commonly which are considered both boroughs and cities and out of 148 cities 19 are first class cities and 115 cities are second class cities and ten are home cities. Here in Alaska, majority of the incorporated land mass of the 4 unified municipalities; each city will over 1700 square miles i.e. 4400 km2 in size.

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Cities in Alaska – In Alaska state, only two other cities have an incorporated area which exceeding 100 sq miles i.e. 260 km2. Unalaska, which includes Valdez and the fishing port of Dutch Harbor, which also includes terminus of the Trans-Alaska, pipelines System. Alaska incorporated cities ate mainly categorized as either “home rule” or “general rule” (it will be subdivided into “first class” and “second class”). Alaska Home Rule cities have all the legislative powers not prohibited by charter or law. The functions and powers of general law cities are defined by Alaska State Laws.

Alaska Cities Map Information

Alaska Cities – Nicknamed as ‘The Last Frontier’, Alaska is the largest by area and the least densely populated state in the United States. The state itself very famous; for the abundance of rugged natural beauty, northern lights, diverse wildlife and adventure tourism.  Anchorage city is most famous city in Alaska. The Alaska Zoo, Alaska Botanical Garden, Arctic Valley Ski Area and Alaska Native Heritage Center are most famous tourist attractions in Anchorage. It is located less than 120 miles south of the Arctic circle, the Fairbanks is the northernmost Metropolitan area in the United States. This Alaska City Map will give you the best information about all major and minor cities. You will get all information about all cities and locations in these Alaska Maps. The Palmer city, where agriculture spirit lives on, hosts the annual Alaska State Fair in every late summer. The Capital of Alaska is Juneau. It also second largest city in the United States by area. The Ketchikan city has the largest collection of standing totem poles in the world.

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Alaska Geographical Information:

  • The total land area of Alaska is 570,835 square miles.
  • The total area covered by Alaska is 591,006 square miles.
  • The Alaska total inland water area is about 20,171 square miles.
  • The border of the Alaska is 8187 miles.
  • The coastline of the Alaska is 6640 miles.
  • The total shoreline of the Alaska state is 33,903 miles.

Alaska has five major cities. The major cities are Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Sitka and Ketchikan. We will offer you all specific information about these major cities through maps. If you are making plans to visit these cities then you must have detailed map of alaska of these cities. It is difficult to travel anywhere without map. The brief information about these cities also given below:

Anchorage: In the United States of Alaska Anchorage is the unified home rule municipality. As per survey in 2015, it is estimated that, 298,695 residents in this city. Anchorage is the most populous city and it contains more than 40 percent population of the state’s among the 50 states. New York has a higher percentage of residents who lives. If you consider, all together, the Anchorage metropolitan area, which is combines Anchorage with the neighboring Matanuska – Susitna Borough, and it has a population around 396,142 as per 2013 survey. The city Anchorage is located in the South Central portion of the Alaska. The Anchorage city limits span is 1961.1 sq miles i.e. 5,079.2 km2, in which encompass the urban core a joint military base, almost all the Chugach State Park and several outlying communities. map of alaska with cities and towns – You will find all the major cities and places in this Alaska State Map. The Anchorage location on the globe puts it within nine and half hours (9½ hr) by air and it’s nearly 90% of the industrialized world. For this reason only Anchorage is a most common refueling stop for many international passenger flights and it is home to a major FedEx Hub which the company is called a “Critical Part” of its global network of services. Four times Anchorage city has been named All America City in 1956, 1965, 1984-85 and 2002 by National Civic League. The Anchorage city also named as tax-friendly city in the United States by Kiplinger.

Fairbanks  – The Alaska Map will give you all information about Fairbanks city. It includes all the major and minor cities information. Fairbanks is a home rule city. In whole Alaska state interior region Fairbanks is the largest city. Towns in Alaska – As per 2014 survey, the Fairbanks city population is 32,469 and population of the Fairbanks North Star Borough at 99,357 and its makes second most populous metropolitan area in Alaska (but after Anchorage city). Fairbanks is the home to the famous university of Alaska Fairbanks, it is one of the oldest of Alaska’s current universities.

Juneau City – The capital of Alaska is Borough of Juneau. The Juneau city is a unified municipality located on the Gastineau Channel in the Alaskan panhandle and in United States it is second largest city by area. Since 1906 Juneau has been the capital of Alaska, when the government of what was the district of Alaska was moved from Sitka as per dictated by the United States congress Government in 1900.  Alaska usa map – The Juneau City Map will gives you all the information about the city. It includes route map, river map, environment map, etc. In July 1st 1970 the municipality is unified. It happened when the city of Juneau merged with the city of Douglas and the surrounding Greater Juneau Borough to form the municipality which is currently exists and which is larger by area than both Delaware and Rhode Island. According to 2010 census, the Juneau city and Borough has a population of 31,275. According to 2014 survey, the population estimate from the United States Census Bureau was 32,406 and its make the city second most populous city in Alaska after Anchorage city. The city is the second most populous metropolitan area in the state, there will be around 100,000 residents. Juneau’s city population can increase around 6000 people due to visiting cruise ships between the respected months of May and September. This city has been named after gold prospector Joe Juneau, through the place was for a time called Rockwell and then Harrisburg. The Taku River is just south of Juneau, was named after the cold t’aakh wind, which is occasionally blows down from the mountains.

Sitka from the Gulf of Alaska (Former Capital of Russian America)  

Major Cities in Alaska – This city is one of the major cities in Alaska. The New Archangel city is under Russian Rule and it is unified city-borough located on Baranof Island and the Southern half of Chichagof Island in the Alexander Archipelago of the Pacific Ocean in the United States of Alaska. According to 2010 census, the population of the city was 8,881. If we see at land area, the city is the largest city-borough in the United States. The city land area is 2,870.3 mi2 i.e. 7,434.1 km2. The total area is 4,811.4 mi2 which includes water area also. The urban Sitka city is situated on the west side of Baranof Island. The meaning of the Sitka city is “People on the Outside of Baranof Island”. This site will give you the all information about the city which includes road map, river map and environment map also. The Ketchikan is a city in the Ketchikan Gateway Borough, United States, Alaska, southern most city in Map Alaska. According to 2010 census, population is 8,050, it is also fifth-most populous city in the state and tenth most populous community when census will designated places are included.

Map of Alaska River | Alaska River

Map of Alaska River, Copper River Alaska, Alaska River

The major rivers are in Alaska such as Copper, Gulkana and Yukon Rivers and which are clearly indicated on the Alaska River Map, Gulf of Alaska and the Beaufort Sea are as also. Copper River Alaska – In addition to Alaska state tourism possibilities, the Alaska Rivers will play an important role in the state irrigation system. The Yukon River will give visitors a wonderful opportunity to explore Canada’s spruce forests. The Gulkana River will offer to tourists a broad scope of activities, from fishing to picking wild blueberries the excellent rafting possibilities will offer by Copper River. The Saganavirktok River which leads to the Arctic Ocean and it offers fishing options. The Kuskokwin River spanning over 680 miles and it is another prominent natural stream. The Alaska River Map will provide you a clear illustration of those river courses. The map will also highlight various cities and boroughs located near about these rivers.

Map of Alaska River, Copper River Alaska, Alaska River

Road Map of Alaska | Alaska Highway

Roads of Alaska – We offer you the best Alaska Road Map which will give you every information about Alaska road or highway. The well laid out network of highways or roads connects different parts of Alaska with each other, as well as linking the state to Canada and the rest of the United States. The northern end of the Alaska State will connected to the southern part of the state by State Roads. The map of alaska highway will give you the idea that, how each road and highway connected each other. The 1522 miles long highway is throughout the state. All Alaska cities are connected by the state different state and national highways. The Alaska National Highway System which includes interstate routes, other prominent routes and defense that connects the state with the other parts of the United States. The Alaska Highway System is not a part of United State National Highway System. This Alaska road map will clearly indicate the routes of the state and national highways.

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Roads in Alaska – In case if you are going to visit Alaska State for enjoying your holidays with your friends or family members then you must have the above Alaska Map. These above Alaska Maps will make your journey very easy and wonderful. Suppose any of your friends or colleagues or family members are going to Alaska then you can just send it to them by downloading these Alaska State Map. If you are residents of Alaska State and you are traveling another city and you don’t know the rout of your destiny then you are in big problem. Instead of asking someone in middle road, it is better to have this Alaska Map with you. By taking the help of these Alaska Map you can enjoy your all holidays moments. The alaska highway map will gives you the details of every major and minor cities information. You can also post these Alaska Maps on digital media like facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, so that your friends and colleagues also can take the benefits of these Alaska Maps. You can get these Alaska Maps with free of cost.


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